Whether you lack experience interviewing, changing industries or careers or want to get ahead in a competitive market, our interview coaching program can support and guide you.


We have three types of sessions to choose from. If you’re confused about which one is right for you, contact us for a consultation.

Initial Interview Coaching Role Specific Mock Interview

Reach your goals quickly with our session bundles. We offer packages of 1 – 5 sessions. Are you looking to Refresh, Refine, or Reinvent?

Refresh Refine Reinvent

Initial Session

50 Minutes


Involves creating a space for the client to self-reflect on the goals they’d like to obtain through interview coaching.

General Mock Interview

This will help us with a baseline assessment of how the client shows up in an interview.

Detailed and constructive feedback

On the mock interview and coaching around areas of opportunity is provided, as well as an action plan for improvement.

"Jacqueline is nothing but life-changing. Since I began working with her, I feel like I have a new point of view on what I should focus on and where I should put my energy. She has helped me recognize and improve my strengths, as well as understand and adjust my development opportunities. She has taken not only my business, but my life, all the way to the next level."

Interview Coaching Session

50 Minutes | Remote

The Deep Dive

This coaching session follows the initial session, and consists of the client and coach doing a deep dive into any areas that need work.

Custom Coaching

These sessions are customized to the client’s individual needs. For example, this session could include mindset work, uncovering blocks and honing limiting beliefs that stand in the way of confidence in an interview. Alternatively, it could also involve more tactical tips and advice, such helping the client shape answers and brush-up on interview etiquette.


“Jacqueline is such an amazing coach to work with! She is extremely caring and professional. She is really good at bringing out the amazing qualities you possess that you never knew you had. She is very supportive and truly cares about your results. She helped me have more confidence in my consulting business and in selling my services. She also helped me pivot my business in a new direction which has given me ten times more confidence than before. Jacqueline helped me land my first client and I am so grateful for her!”

Role-specific Mock Interview

50 Minutes | In-person

Ideal for…

This session is designed to occur when the client has a real up-coming interview. The coach references the job description for the role that the client is interviewing for, and takes on the persona of the interviewer for that role. The expectation is that the client comes prepared for this mock as if it were the real thing (has questions prepared etc.).


After the mock interview, the coach provides detailed feedback/coaching to ensure a polished and successful interview.


Refresh for your upcoming interview through individual sessions purchased on an as-need basis.
Refine your interviewing skills through this three session package which includes an initial session + two customized sessions.

Transform and reinvent yourself as a candidate through this five session package which includes an initial Session + four customized sessions.
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