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Optimize your confidence. Uplevel your professional presence. Transform yourself.

Our Approach

An interview is a powerful milestone: it is the gateway to your next career move.


However, without the proper knowledge, self-awareness or guidance it can be a complicated process to navigate. In fact, for many candidates the interview process can be stressful, draining and lead to rejection, feelings of disappointment and lack of clarity as to where they have missed the mark.

Are you continuously rejected after interviews and don’t know why?

Let us diagnose your interviewing skill gaps through a mock interview and assessment. We can uncover what is holding you back and help you course correct through effective 1:1 coaching strategies.

Or, perhaps you are don’t have a lot a lot of experience interviewing, or you are changing industries or careers. Even if you just want to get ahead in a competitive market, show your value to get the most out of your job offer our interview coaching program can support and guide you.

Our unique approach to over-hauling your interview strategies won’t just the way you interview, but it irrevocably change the way you feel about yourself as a candidate.

Optimize your confidence. Uplevel your professional presence. Transform yourself.

Jacqueline Victoria Grant

Founder and Certified Professional Coach

Jacqueline Victoria Grant is the founder of JVG Strategies and a Certified Professional Coach with an extensive background in Human Resources, Recruitment and coaching on interviewing strategies and professional presence.

Jacqueline holds a degree from Western University in Psychology, and a post graduate degree in Human Resources Management. She is also a certified Human Resources Leader with the Human Resources Professionals Association.

Throughout her career she’s worked in HR and Recruitment for some well-known Canadian brands such as Holt Renfrew, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and Goodmans LLP, a leading Transaction Law Firm in Toronto.

Her sincere passion to help people drove her to go on and get certified as a professional coach in 2017, and she began her own private practice in career coaching.

In addition to her coaching practice she also works for SV Academy, a San Francisco-based company which offers tuition-free training in order to democratize access to business development jobs in the United States. She has coached hundreds of individuals on interviewing strategies who went on to successfully land tech sales jobs in the competitive markets of Silicon Valley, the Bay Area and New York City.

Get Started

We have sessions and packages to suit all needs.

Initial Session

An introduction focused on creating a space for the client to self-reflect on the goals they’d like to obtain through interview coaching

Interview Coaching

Followed by the initial session, the client and coach will deep dive into any areas that need work

Role Specific Mock Interviews

This session is designed to occur when the client has a real upcoming interview.

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Refresh for your upcoming interview through individual sessions purchased on an as-need basis.


Refine your interviewing skills through this three session package which includes an initial session + two customized sessions.


Transform and reinvent yourself as a candidate through this five session package which includes an initial Session + four customized sessions.

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