Do you have an interview coming up? You can be a strong candidate on paper in terms of your experience and fit for the role, but without polish and etiquette, you could jeopardize your chance at getting an offer. For a recruiter or hiring manager, great interview etiquette is the icing on the cake that makes one feel truly excited about a qualified candidate. In addition, your level of etiquette in the interview also speaks deeply to your personal brand: it foreshadows how you might interact with future peers and clients.

So, are you looking to get that leg-up in a competitive hiring process? Here’s how  to do it with great etiquette.

1. Be Responsive

Your interview starts as soon as the recruiter or hiring manager reaches out to you to coordinate that initial conversation. It’s best not to leave them hanging – make the coordination easy and be as responsive as possible to your potential future employer. Also, you are likely one of many candidates who are receiving a request for an interview…the early bird gets the worm. 


2. Take the time to prepare

From preparing questions to ask your interviewer, to planning out your commute so that you aren’t late, preparation before the interview is the foundation of strong interview etiquette. This also includes doing your research on the company, and understanding the requirements of the role and how those requirements align with your skillset.

3. Show genuine interest.

Think about what genuinely interests you about the company and the role when speaking to “why” you want to work there. Ask meaningful, relevant and curious questions. Showcasing this level of authentic interest will be well-received by your interviewer.


4. Express gratitude.

Open your interview by politely expressing gratitude for the interviewer’s time, and re-express that gratitude at the close of your interview. You can piggy-back this statement with reiterating your interest in the role, creating a solid close to your interview. 


5. Follow-up with care.

Send a personalized thank you note to your interviewer on the same day that your interview occurred. A well-written thank you note reassures an employer of your continued interest in the role, and employers are often expecting to see this come through. Be the candidate that follows through on this, because remember: your interview doesn’t end until you’ve signed that offer.

Demonstrating exceptional interview etiquette takes a little effort and intention, but the result of that extra time and planning could be your dream job. 

Good luck!

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